Audio Query - Pause/Resume issue

Jun 22, 2015

Hey there, 

I'm working on a CD Interface for students that would contain sections of audio and a link to a PDF. I've five objects on the page that reveal each audio track. I also have an object that jumps to the PDF.

Im hoping to work it so that the student can section the audio track  and read the transcript/PDF at the same time but as it stands the audio automatically pauses when the user goes to PDF link/tab. When they return to the player it resumes. 

As I mentioned I have the audio on separate layers and I have "Pause timeline of base layer" turned off.  I'm using the HTML5 version of the file. 

In terms of slide properties the only options I've selected are:

Hide other slide layers

Hide slide layer when timeline finishes 

Allow seeking: Yes. 


Any help would be appreciated!

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Ian Finnerty

The PDF opens a new window. I've attached a sample below.

There's multiple audio tracks being revealing (layer) by triggers, i.e. the green button(s)

There is just 1 pdf on the page triggered by the purple button.

In an ideal world we want the users to be able to listen to the transcript while the audio plays however the audio pauses once the "jump to" is triggered. I've also tried to include the PDF as a resource however the result is the same.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

Thanks for sharing your .story file here with us. First off, I see you're linking to a file on your D drive, and I'd want to ensure you were working with local project files as described here. I tested it with a new PDF that I had handy and published for web, and if I opened the layer with the audio and then opened the PDF in a new tab it worked as expected and continue playing the audio. Did you test publishing this and playing it within the intended environment?  Also please make sure you're viewing in one of the supported browsers here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

Unfortunately it's not a PDF I can share publicly but if you'd like to send along your PDF I can do the same with that one. I'm confused about your statement though that you're burning to a CD and trying to use the HTML5 output in Chrome - if you're publishing for CD it'll open in Flash/Internet Explorer as default described here. 

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