Audio not playing at all on iPad | Update 3

Hi all-

I downloaded the 3rd update for Storyline today, and republished my work to see the enhanced performance fixes in update 3.

I have had this issue before, and was able to address this prior to today, by decreasing the image quality and audio quality in the publish settings.

My issue is: No audio plays on any screen, even at 26kb/s compression in the publish settings.

I am testing on an online iPad safari browser, hitting the course that is residing on a web server.

I am on a roughly 30/30mbps internet connection.

Any help would be really appreciated because this is supposed to run on an LMS, via iPad and PC for my client.

Thank you!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi thereĀ Garrett!

You mentioned you're viewing this in Safari/HTML5. Have you had a chance to try publishing for the Articulate Mobile Player, just for testing? Curious to see if the same thing happens through the app, or if this is just an issue with HTML5 after Update 3.

Also, are you able to share the .STORY file here, so I can do a little testing on my end? You're also welcome to send the file to us in a support case, if you'd like to keep the project private.