Audio not playing with an mp4 embedded

Hi all,

  I created a slide that includes an mp4.  It all works well, until I make any kind of change.  The audio then just displays slide.wav and I CAN listen to it in the editor, but it does NOT play in the slide itself.

I created a trigger that says to play the audio when the timeline starts.  It still doesn't play.  I have to delete and re-add the wav file.


Any thoughts?  Thank you.


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Tom Jerry

Hi Deb,

Thank you for contacting E-Learning Heroes. 

I can help you get the answers you need, and we can definitely get that done, but I will need your help.

Please provide the following information at your earliest convenience. 

  • Did you recently apply the latest recommended build or update for Storyline? If not, what Storyline version are you currently on?
  • Have you tried recreating the trigger to play the audio?
  • What audio editor are you using to play the .wav file? Have you been able to test other audio file format like .mp3?

I look forward to getting your response soon.