Audio not restarting in layer

May 23, 2023

Hi all, 

Please can you help me get a layer's audio restarted when it is re-visited from within the slide?

Example uploaded: the background has had to be taken out, sorry it's so sparse!
The baseline will play audio. A "no click layer" shows straightaway, so users can't click and move on. The "Info layer" is an instruction layer. You have to highlight text in a field and then overtype with a name, Alice Thomas. Then you click the button check to see if it has been done correctly. If yes, then that's the end. If no, a "try again" layer appears and then reloads the "info" layer. 
The problem is this:  the user has typed very quickly and pressed the "Check" button before the audio had finished, if the user is wrong, the try again layer appears. Upon reloading the info layer the audio doesn't restart but continues from where it left off. I need it to restart :) 

I don't usually have this problem. I use a "stop media" trigger and make sure all slide properties are set to reset to initial state. But for some reason, it doesn't work on this one. 

So scratching my head a little here...

Thanks for your help.

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Elizabeth Young

That didn't work. By pure chance, I changed the time when the audio is triggered and it worked. It was set to start when the animation of the text box was complete. I changed it to start at the beginning of the timeline in the layer, making it restart from the beginning. 

This doesn't seem to be a problem in any other scenarios I have, only when the interaction is a button. 

Storyline is a mystery to me at times. :)

Steven Benassi

Hi Elizabeth!

So glad to hear you were able to get your layer's audio restarted when it's revisited from within a slide!

Thanks for sharing the feedback and steps you took! I'm sure other users discovering this thread will find this information very helpful!

Have a great rest of your week and happy authoring!