Audio not working

Hi everybody,

I have uploaded some content created with Articulate 360:

I published for web (not in a LMS), as I understand that would create html5 files. However, it is not working in all types of devices. It works on iPad and Android phones, but did not work in iPhone, neither with Safari or Chrome browser. 

Is there a way to make sure it works well in all devices? I am actually testing the Articulate 360, and having web files working properly in mobile devices is absolutely a must for me to take the decision of buying it. 

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Leticia Roland

Hi Vincent, thanks :)

I started to dig around and changed some accessibility settings on my phone, and it then worked. Since I could listen to audio in some other pages, I never thought it was a phone problem. 

Anyway, with this, I am going ahead and purchasing the Articulate 360! It is a great piece of software (I already work with Articulate 2).