Audio not working in Storyline 360 published project

Hi Team,


I am facing one issues while using audio in Storyline 360. I have updated my storyline as well but still i am facing the same issue.

Audio(Both Human and text-to-speech audio) is working fine when:

  • I click on play button in slide
  • When i click on edit audio and then play the audio
  • When I preview slide

But when I run my published course in browser(Chrome,Firefox, IE 11, Microsoft Edge ) I cant hear any audio from my course at all.

  • I tried to export the same machine audio on my local and played through various media players and its working fine.
  • I checked the Volume mixer and its set to 100% for everything.
  • I checked playback devices and used both headphone and speaker but result is still same.

If anyone have any solution or suggestion request you to help me out.



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Ren Gomez

Hi Vikrant,

I'm sorry to hear you're running into audio issues! I see that you've also reached out to our support team, and Renato has offered some suggestions on getting this to work correctly.

You're in excellent hands, and I encourage you to continue working with him if you find yourself running into this again!