Audio not working when publish in LMS

May 16, 2018

Audio is working fine in preview and Articulate 360 but it is not working the moment i publish it in LMS.

Anyone has an idea on how to solve this?

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Katie Riggio

Glad you're part of the community, Marianna ☺️

The best way to determine if this is an issue with your Storyline content or with your LMS is to test your course in SCORM Cloud – an industry-standard tool for testing SCORM output. 

If the audio issue is reproducible there, we'd love to take a look at the file. If your course works properly at SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, we may then recommend to open a case with your LMS provider to troubleshoot the issue. Let us know if you need a hand with testing – we'll be standing by!

Katie Riggio

Welcome, Heather!

Really sorry you're hitting the same snag with your course. While I don't have any extra insight to share from Marianna's case, I'd love to take a look at your setup and see if I can reproduce the audio issue in SCORM Cloud

You can either add your .story file by using the Add Attachment button in your reply or send it privately via this link. Looking forward to helping!

Heather Willis

Hi Katie and Heather - I thought I would share my experience with this. I am hoping it will be able to help someone else that may experience. I am using Storyline 3 and had this issue with video or audio not working when published to SCORM Cloud or my LMS. Both issues were corrected when I made sure to publish the course, and then the zip file to the same root folder. If I published to two separate folders, the audio and/or video would not play when uploaded to the LMS. Hope this helps!

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