Audio on screen recording has echo - but only for some

Apr 12, 2021

I am recording videos to support staff in learning a CRM system.  I have been recording the audio and then listening to the audio as I record the screen.  This worked for my first 8 videos.  Now, the last 2 videos that I created, the audio has a large echo.  I think I am doing everything the same.  What can I do?  Is it possible to remove the echo after the fact?

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Andy Lipshultz - Voice Talent

It depends on how you recorded - your position to the mic, other items in the room, settings, etc can affect it.  There are some noise gates that you can use after the fact (but they sometimes can also clip your audio) is a video that talks about how to reduce echo for Adobe Audition which is what many of us Voice Talent folks use. Not sure what software you are using. I have found many times just re-recording is faster. Hope that helps - Andy

PSS Learning

Thank you Andy... It is funny because the original audio file is clear.  I audiorecorded myself reading the script and then plated the audio while doing the screen recording... this work fine for the first 8 recordings.. now the last 2 are sounding echoey.  I will have to paly around to see what the issue is