Audio problem with MP4 videos

I'm trying to publish some Snag It MP4 videos. I've imported them through Presenter 360 & Storyline 360. I preview each of the slides to check them and they work fine, no audio problems. But once I publish them through Articulate, not all of the video have the audio component play. The crazy thing about it is that I've tried re-publishing and in doing this a number of times, different video slides lose the audio. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Jeff!

Our team uses and 🧡s Snagit, too, so I'm sorry it's causing trouble. 

First, I'm having difficulty recreating the experience with sample MP4 videos in Storyline 360 Update 44

Since this affects different videos, my hunch is that something happened during those files' encoding process.

Ensuring that each file is saved on a local drive with re-encoding the impacted MP4 videos with a free converting tool like HandBrake: should help.

Let me know if you need a hand or if you could share your .story file for testing through this case link. I'm happy to help!