Audio randomly vanishing from the output slides when played in Google Chrome; it's working fine in preview and internet explorer.

Aug 03, 2021

Hi All,

I've gone through several posts that have said that the audio will not work correctly while using Chrome; audio vanishes randomly from the output slides. Unfortunately, I have also encountered today with my project. My project is working absolutely fine in preview and internet explorer, but on random slides, the audio getting disappear. After spending several hours, I could not find the appropriate solution for the same.

I'm using Storyline 360 Version:v3.52.25247.0, Chrome Version: 92.0.4515.107

I've tried the following troubleshooting:

  • Deleting the audio file then inserting the audio file again.
    Deleting the audio file, saving, closing, reopening and inserting the audio file, and then republishing.
  • Duplicating the slide which was showing audio error and made it as fresh
  • I tried the source file over a different computer/laptop
  • Renamed audio file and inserted again.

Sometimes the audio vanishes to one slide, sometimes on two slides, and this happens without doing anything in the source file.

This seems to be a major issue, as when I think I am complete with a project, someone will find an audio error that wasn't there before.

Our courses need to go live next week, so we are looking for a solution as soon as possible.


Nitesh Vyas






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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Nitesh, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! ✨

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing audio issues in Chrome with your projects!

Since you've already attempted a few troubleshooting steps, I went ahead and opened a support case with our engineers. You should hear from our team soon via e-mail.