Audio Sometimes Not Replaying When Slide Is Reset to Initial Set

Anyone else see something this?

I have a course with custom nav--most slides have a next slide, previous slide, pause slide, and replay slide buttons.

All slides, except the course branching menu slide have a revisit property of "Reset to initial state."  All slides are narrated (except for the quiz).

For the replay button on a slide, I initially had the trigger on the replay button set to jump to to the same slide.  However, that didn't work.  The audio would never replay.

So I tried this instead.  Clicking the replay button would go to a blank slide that was 1 second long.  At the end of that slide's timeline, it would automatically jump back to the original slide.

This meant a blank slide for each slide in the course but it seemed to work.  The audio would replay.

Or so I thought.  Early in the course it works fine but later on when viewing the course it often does not.  The audio does not replay.  If you then click the pause button (which just uses a layer on the same slide to pause things) and then from the pause layer click the button to go back to the base layer, the audio then starts.  However, the timing is off--as the slide has progressed but the audio starts from the beginning.

Anyone else experience something like this?  I'm using the official release of the latest update.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gerry,

Since you mentioned it works on the initial slides, but not later on - it would lead me to believe it's something specific to those slides and their set up, as I've seen this method successfully used before. Is it happening consistently on particular slides as well, or somewhat sporadic?  If it's consistent on particular slides, are you able to share those here for the community to take a look at? 

Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Ashley!

It seems to be working fine now (knock on wood).

Here's a link to the course (still in development as it's missing some check your knowledge questions) in Articulate Online.  When done, the course will be in the client's external Saba LMS and will fill in user/date data for the completion certificate at the end.

I'm wildly guessing here.  I wonder if working on the course for a long time and viewing multiple iterations (with no PC reboot in between) may cause some weird issues like this, perhaps even some local caching issues or memory  issues (even though the PC I'm using has 16 gig or RAM)..

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the update - and I'm always happy for a little "magic" to happen if it means the course starts working correctly. I liked your note at the beginning to close other programs so that the user doesn't encounter any issues associated with having too many programs running at once.  

The caching or memory issues could certainly have caused the odd behavior you experienced. I often find a simple reboot of my machine is the easiest and sometimes the most effective solution. At least it gives me a clean slate to test again and determine if there was anything else causing the problem. Keep us posted if you run into anything else.