Audio sounds hollow when previewed/published


I'm wondering if someone can help me with an audio issue I'm having.  When I insert an audio clip in my course and play the audio on its own it sounds great.  But when I preview or publish the audio it sounds hollow - like it's under water.  

I thought at first it might be the audio settings and worked with my sound guru to export the file in multiple formats - same result.  

Then I tried taking an audio clip that sounds great in a different course and inserting into this new course I've built and it sounds great in the first course and once again hollow in my new course.

So, I know it isn't the audio file but something seems to be happening when it's previewed or published that is causing it to sound wonky.  Any advice?  I'm working in Articulate Storyline 3.


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miguel del rosario

Hello Nancy,

Please try below troubleshooting steps. 

1.Change the publish output to Articulate 360 to test if audio quality also reduced there. Then in  Properties>Quality settings, change the audio bitrate to to 128kpbs.
2. Publish to Articulate 360. 
3. Change the publish output back to Video>Audio Quality = Very High and check if the audio quality has improved in final render

If still unresolved, please make sure your Storyline is updated

If still unresolved, submit your story file so the support team can investigate further. 

Thank you,