Audio: Stopping and starting between the main slide and it slide layers

Jan 05, 2016

Hello Team,

I need help stopping/pausing audio from the Main Slide when switching to a layer.

There are 3 layers (click tab 1 - 3) that have audio on them.  The audio for that layer/tab needs to start/resume when clicked and audio from the Main Slide or other tab needs to stop/pause.

What's the best way to accomplish this?

Currently my brain is a little fried and it's forgetting variables and or triggers with audio.

I look forward to your thoughts (sharing your brain cells!)

Thank you!  :)


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Kenneth King

Thank you Ashley for the info.  I've looked at that before when doing something similar with video.

 I chose to Lightbox the tab interaction for that project and set the Slide Properties to "Resume saved state" which paused and resumed the video nicely.

From my research on the forum then, it appears SL2 is unable to stop and restart the medium cleanly.

For this project (audio only), the audio ended up bleeding into the Slide Layer's audio when using a trigger to "pause the timeline".


Kenneth King

Thank you Ron!  My brain cells had overlooked/forgotten the Slide "Layer" Properties although it did remember the Slide Properties.

The audio on the slide pauses when a layer is displayed.  It resumes as expected when the layer is hidden.

Knowing my client, they'll be unhappy since the audio resumes where it left off instead of starting over.  Six of one, half dozen of another right?! ;-)

Thank you again.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kenneth,

There won't be a way to restart the media unless you were to be revisiting the slide (closing a layer is still on the same slide) as then you could set the slide to "reset to initial state" and allow the media to replay from the beginning of the timeline. 

If you're still working through a solution, it's always helpful to share a sample of your .story file so that then folks can play around with your set up and offer specific suggestions based on that. 

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