Audio stops playing on slides after added to LMS

Hi guys,

We've been having an issue with our training videos, we're currently using matrix to deliver them but there seems to be an issue with the sound no playing correctly on some of the slides.

after checking them in articulate storyline 2 the audio come through fine, I've tested them on SCORM cloud and the issue persists.

If anyone could have a look at the course below and let me know whats happening would be great as we have no idea whats wrong.



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Connor R.

Hi Alyssa, 

I tested the course on four different browsers:

1. Internet Explorer11

2. Chrome v.59

3. Firefox v54

4. Opera v46.0

 It has also been tested on multiple computers and mobile devices

The only one that had all the sound play for all the slides was IE, the rest cut the sound out after the second slide.

Alyssa Gomez

Hmm, that's so odd. Usually if you are unable to hear the audio, it is likely your firewall is blocking MP3 files from downloading on your computer. However, it's strange that you can still hear audio on slide 1 in most browsers.

I'd like our support team to weigh in on this, so I've opened a case for you. Be on the lookout for an email from

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Connor, 

I tested it as well and Chrome played all the audio normally. In Firefox the first few slides played normally and then at one slide I had to hit the "rewind" button and then the audio played. 

Are you not getting the audio to play at all in any browsers and with the rewind button? 

Also, do you know if you have flash disabled on any of your browsers? 

Connor R.

Hi Ashley, 

Thanks for having a look at this for me, It is good to finally see someone get the same issue that our clients and myself are experiencing. After pausing and playing the slides the audio works fine and the rewind button does the same, unfortunately I don't believe that it should not play from the start and require a restart of the slide.

I believe that flash is enabled on the browsers that were used to test. 


Hi Alyssa,

It is really odd. If the firewall was blocking the MP3 files from downloading there would be no audio at all on any of the slides, but thank you for your suggestion, any help is really appreciated. Thank you for submitting a ticket for me, I look forward to hearing what the support team come up  with.


I don't want  to come off rude with any of this so i apologize if i have. This issue is not just confined to my office, we have clients all over Australia that access our online training and they are the ones that first found this issue, so it is a major issue for us. 

Mary Channon

Sorry to bring this back up....
I have a project where the title slide audio keeps cutting off 1-2 seconds into the project launching - after publishing to our LMS (scorm 1.2, html5 with flash backup) or when reviewing in scorm cloud or in Articulate Review - ONLY in CHROME. It always works fine in preview mode and in other browsers on PC and mobile devices - it appears to be just chrome

The audio will play on the Title slide when I replay it.  It is thankfully just music on our title slide, but it is not a good first impression for someone taking the course - it is definitely noticeable that it cuts off and the slide graphics still move along as normal.  Plus on the title slide we don't have a player showing, so they can't replay it unless they know to go to the menu, and why would they replay it anyway.  Regardless, ALL the other audio files play fine.  

THE ONLY difference I just realized is the first slide is an mp3, the rest are .wav files.
What could be happening? Is this a known issue with Chrome that the mp3 files are 'glitchy'?

Here are my versions:
Chrome: Version 64.0.3282.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Storyline 360: 3.12.14533.0

Thanks for the help!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mary!

Thanks for sharing your file here. I published it with Storyline 360 v.3.12.14612 and hosted it on SCORM Cloud. In my Chrome testing, I was able to hear the audio on the first slide.

Could you test this link in Chrome and let me know if you can also hear the audio on the first slide? I'll be standing by!

Mary Channon

Now that I have updated Storyline, when I launch the course from LMS and scorm cloud in Chrome, the issue seems to be resolved . BUT NOW when I launch on iPad with Safari (from LMS OR Scorm Cloud), the audio does not play at all - on ANY slide. Where before it did play on the iPad. The iPad is less important for this course, but still some user may use it. One fix caused another problem.