Audio won't play when trigger is added

If I add a trigger to an audio clip, it won't play. Did all the steps as described in the "how to loop audio" instructions, but as soon as I add a trigger it disables the playback. If I remove the triggers it'll play. When I right click to preview it or open in edit audio, I can play and hear the music. Has anyone had this happen?

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Carol Dungan Logie

Yes, and thanks! Uploaded the scene I'm having trouble with. I have 2 triggers, one on the slide to play media after 1.25 secs, and another on the audio file to play after media completes so that it loops. I'm betting I've made a simple mistake, I just can't see what it is.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Mark!

I added a few triggers so the audio and text stops when the user clicks "pause"

I'm attaching the story to this response but I'll share what I did. I added a trigger to pause the timeline when the user clicks the pause button on the media. This stopped the text from continuing to roll. I added a trigger to resume the timeline when the user clicks the play button. The third trigger was to pause the media when the user clicks the pause button. Finally, the last trigger was to play the media when the user clicked the play button. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Ren Gomez

Hi Mark,

Thanks for pointing that out. I jumped into the file and took a different approach with the Media slide. Since you have a set timeline where the audio must align with the text, I focused on playing/pausing the timeline instead of the media and recorded a quick video here.

I'm also attaching the updated file. Take a look at the trigger setup, and let me know if this works for you!