Automatic captions from screen recording

Oct 02, 2012


Is there any way I can keep the caption on the screen until the user clicks a hotspot? At the moment I am trying to change all of the options, adding triggers like show until user clicks, but as soon as the slide time finishes, the caption disappears, before the user clicks.


Michael (Articulate Newbie)

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Michael OConnor

Thank you Peter for the link, it's good but unfortunately not quite what I was after (at this stage).

I've worked out the captions were held on the hint slide, and the problem now is 'How do I get the hint slides to appear and remain on the screen until the user hits a hotspot'.  So far I have been able to adjust the triggers so the hint slide is always visible, but it always fades and the end of the timeline. Can the slide not fade at the end of the timeline?

I've achieved partial success by moving the hint slide caption to the main timeline, but this is an arduous task. Also, the very last slide's caption still fades.


Sarah Olsem


I am having this very same issue. What was your solution?

It's too bad the "Show Always" option only shows for as long as the timeline goes. I'm looking for something that will pause the timeline until the user clicks (on a hot spot) which then advances to the next slide.

Does anyone else have suggesstions/recommendations?



Nancy Woinoski

@ Michael - when you create a view or try it demo with captions, Storyline  automatically puts a fade in and fade out animation on the caption so I'm thinking that the reason your caption fades out when it reaches the end of the timeline is because of this fade out animation.

To remove the animation, select the caption and then click Animations on the main toolbar and set the fadeout animation to none.

@Sarah, are you using a Try or View step-by-step recording?  If you are using a View recording, Storyline sets the slide properties to advance automatically to the next slide at the end of the timeline. You can change this setting by selecting the slide Properties (little wheel icon at the bottom right of the screen and changing the Slide Advances property to "By User"

Storyline will then wait until the user clicks something on the screen before advancing.

You can then add your hotspot on the screen with a trigger to go to next slide when the user clicks the hotspot.

One thing, you can not make a caption on a slide carry forward to the next slide (this is something that you can do in Captivate but not Storyline) so if you want a caption to persist on more than one slide, you will have to copy it and paste it to the next sldie (make sure the fade in animation is removed on the section slide or it will fade in again on the second slide.

Sarah Olsem

Thank you, Nancy! You are a lifesaver!

I have it set up in Try Mode.  It looks like the Slide Advances property defaults to "By User."

After implementing your suggestions, I think I have everything running as I'd like it to!

Do you happen to know if you can change the default settings in the Try Mode so you don't have to remove the animations and if you can have it automatically change the color of the Hint caption?

Thanks a bunch!

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sarah,  there is no way to change the default settings for the animations or the colour of the hint captions. The only settings that you can control are whether to include the mouse cursor, the captions and the blue highlight that indicates where the user should click. 

I usually turn off the captions and the blue highlight and then just create my own captions after producing the demo. I find it faster than going back and adjusting all the captions that were created by storyline.

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