Automatic prompt to install the articulate player app is not loading

For some reason, in courses that I have uploaded since November, the automatic redirect/prompt to download the articulate player when viewing on an iPad isn't working. If the player is already installed it loads no problem but if the user doesn't have the player installed it should redirect them to the mobile/mobileinstall file but on courses I have published and uploaded since November this isn't happening.

I have the 'use Articulate mobile player on iPad' option ticked.

Any ideas?


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Amy Pearson

Update - okay, so I have just been looking at the ioslaunch.html file. The one generated before the November software updates looks completely different to the one generated after the update. So to test it, from my new course files I deleted the ioslaunch.html file (the version that doesn't automatically launch the option to download the mobile player) and replaced it with the old version I have from an old course. I have uploaded this to our server and tested on an iPad and hey presto problem solved!

So, there must be something in the new version of the ioslaunch.html file that prevents the mobile player download window automatically opening.

Any chance you could add it to your list of things to look at?





Amy Pearson

On a similar note, when you have downloaded the mobile app and click to open it, it doesn't open the course for you. You have to close the player and return to the webpage and then get stuck on a loop trying to get the course to play - you have to press the back button on the browser a couple of times to get out of the loop. Is the any way you can make it so that the course you were trying to load before downloading the player opens once the player is installed or at least auto-redirect the mobile/mobileinstall.html file out of the loop?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amy!

Apple made some changes to the way apps launch in iOS 9, so your Articulate Storyline 2 courses may not launch in the Articulate Mobile Player as you'd expect. We added support for iOS 9 in Update 7 for Storyline 2. See this article for details on how to update your Storyline software and your published courses.