Automatic Slide Numbering

I would like to turn off the Automatic Numbering. It becomes problematic when developing multiple modules of content. The Menu/Navigation Slide which I develop in a separate scene always becomes 1. The rest follow sequentially throwing everything off by one. This, in turn, puts it out of sequence with the course syllabus and outline numbering. It also affects the study guide numbering when I export to Word for Hand Outs. 

Does anyone know how to either change the numbering to start at zero, adjust it manually, or turn it off?

I am also open to suggestions. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Kenneth!

While there isn't a way to manually change slide numbers, it's easy to turn them off in the menu. Follow these steps!

  1. Click Player to open the Player Properties window.
  2. Click Menu.
  3. Click the Additional Options button (the gear icon) below the menu.
  4. Un-check the box to Number entries in the menu automatically.
  5. Click OK.

Karen Westphalen


I followed the instructions to de-select "Number entries in the menu automatically" but the numbers are still there when I look at the menu.  Does this just affect the published version of the class or should I not be seeing the numbers when looking at the menu within Player Properties?

Thank you!

Katie Riggio

Hey, Karen. Great question!

The choice for Number entries in the menu automatically should appear in the Classic (or Modern Preview) - Storyline Player in addition to the published output. Here's a quick recording of what I'm seeing!

Let me know if you see something different on your end. Happy to explore further!