Avoid to jump at bookmarked page from back button on Question bank

Oct 14, 2013


I am using question bank to show random two question for knowlege check after each topics, now when i revisit the question bank slide using course's BACK navigation button, and at come at Question bank page, from there if i press BACK button it takes me bookmarked page, but it has to go previous slide of question bank slide.

Did any one already came same problem or know the solution for same? please reply.


Pradip Udavant

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pradip and welcome to Heroes! 

Let me try to explain this in my own words to see if I'm understanding - 

You have a question bank set up, where you randomly draw two questions. After completing the questions, the user clicks on the "back" or "previous" button and is brought back to the question they just answered (question 2)? They click again, and it takes you to a different page, not the first question that they answered (question 1)?  What slide revisit settings have you enabled for your quiz slides?  You'll want to check the "When revisiting..." properties and you'll have the options described here, if you don't want the quizzes to be "bookmarked" in the sense that the users answers are saved, I would have it set to "Reset to initial state"

This property determines how objects on the slide behave if users revisit the slide later.  Choose from the following options:

  • Automatically decide:  This is the default choice, and it means Storyline will decide automatically whether to resume or reset the slide when users view the slide again later.  Here's the logic:  If the slide contains just simple objects and/or audio but no interactivity, Storyline resets the slide to the beginning of the slide’s timeline each time users view the slide.  However, if the slide contains any interactive elements, such as buttons or any other object that includes a visited or selected state, Storylineresumes at the slide’s current state if users view the slide more than once.
  • Resume saved state:  Use this option if you always want the slide to remember the state it was in previously when users return to it.  In other words, this allows users to pick up where they left off if they leave the slide and come back to it.
  • Reset to initial state:  Use this option if you always want the slide to reset to its initial state when users return to it.  This means every time users view the slide, it will restart at the beginning of the slide’s timeline, and any interactive objects will return to their initial states

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