Background image transparency not transparent using Google Drive

I inserted images behind text in SL2 and used transparency so the font was legible.  When I uploaded the output files to Google Drive and then opened the project from the "host" URL, the images did not appear transparent.

Is there something I can do to fix that?


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Daniela Slater

I changed the link so not sure when you tried it.  However, I did remove the background pictures that I posted behind the content pages.  No I didn't use the hidden state.  I know I have to review the tutorials.  Sometimes I feel like it should do what I know and use in PPT.  Here is the file:



Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Daniela, I don't use Google drive, so I'm not sure what's happening there.  Why don't you try Dropbox?  I've never run into an issue with them where the output looks different than the file preview. I really like your design, just a few small things to make it work even better; move button 6 to the front  (the wording above is making the top of the button unresponsive).  Make sure that your "X" are on top, above the text files, and turn off the PREV and NEXT buttons because there is only one slide.  Really nice looking presentation.  If you try Dropbox and have any difficulties, let me know.

Daniela Slater

Thank you Linda !  Does Dropbox work the same way in terms of uploading the output files?  I was given instructions by another community member and there was a post on how to use GD. 

I know the X wasn't working properly on all as I was muddling through it all quickly today.  Going to New York on Friday for a few days so am scrambling to learn also because I may have a contract with my college to develop elearning courses with SL2.  Thanks for the tip on PREV and NEXT.

Thanks again.  I must say I really appreciate the wonderful ELH community.  Such a close and supportive group.

Maybe we can meet some day since you are in Toronto.

Linda Lorenzetti

Daniela, here is a Dropbox explanation

Instead of just putting an "X" in the corner, why not make it a button, or put the x inside a shape?  That way the user has a bigger area to click on.

The Articulate Roadshow is in Toronto June 17 & 18th I will be there along with others from our area that you will recognize from the community.  It's not very expensive and you will get a lot out of it, plus you'll make a lot of connections.

Have fun in New York!

Daniela Slater

Thanks Linda.  I was going to ask how to drag and drop the folder files that come with the SL2 Output.  I will look at it.

I like your "x" suggestion. Thanks.

OMG, when you said Roadshow, my quick interpretation of that was that it was a car show (hahahaha).  I will be very interested in attending, yes.  I will check my teaching schedule and should be able to attend some or all.  Thanks for bringing it up again !  I want to go, yes !  I will keep you posted on this roadshow.  Are you going both days?

Thanks.  I'm getting excited (although I would have preferred to go south to the warmer weather).  It is my husband's choice (50th birthday).