Background Images Cutoff - left and right side

I am sure this is probably an obvious fix, and I will kick myself when I see it. But. I cannot get the background images to work properly ( I have only been doing this for the last (way too many  year 

What am I doing wrong?  I have tried it in Storyline2 (update 4 and update 7). Same.  What I am also wondering...... or suspicious about is the image.   It is an iStockPhoto image that I copied.  I want to show it to client before I buy, of course.  Wondering if this is the issue ( I am trying everything)


Background Image Cutoff

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Mark Lester

Hi Steve,

From what I can see here it looks like the width of your background image is limited by the height and as the image and slide have different aspect ratios storyline is correctly choosing to display the white slide background colour on either side.

The green border is the images current aspect ratio:

To fix this without stretching the image width (and making everyone look like they need to travel to the nearest gym instead) you need to crop the image height so it matches the aspect ratio of your slide. 

The transparent overlapping area is roughly what you'd need to crop:

Just enlarge (shift + drag or corner drag) the image so it's width matches that of your slide width then crop the image height.... and you're sorted!


Steve Chorny

I have tried everything suggested, plus other ideas. So far, not matter what I do, I get the background image tiled, like about. White space on left and right.   I have tried just using the image in the slide and embedding it as a background.  Same problem.  What is frustrating, I have other background images that are not posing an issue.  Just cannot find the commonality.