Background (master slide buttons) to front?

Jan 22, 2014

Quick question:

I've built a master slide that has for Markers on the top for every slide as it is on the

master page.  Off the markers I have a series of menu items I want to be on top whatever

the slide content is that is built off that master slide.  Currently when I add the blackboard

it is in front of my master slide items when the markers give the description popup.  How

do I get those markers and popups on the master slide to be in front of content I add to

the current slide built off that master? 


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Julia Koller

Hi Ted,

I don't think it is possible to pull Master slide content to a top layer the way you are describing. Though, I'll be curious to see if someone replies with a better answer.

I think your best option is to design a slide with the interactive features, that is not a Master Slide, and then copy and paste it into your scene as needed. Another thing I will do sometimes is group interactive objects together, and then copy the layers as needed. 

Mark Cairns

Objects on the base layer of a slide master will show up below everything on a slide. However, if you add a layer to the slide master the objects on the new layer will show up above everything on a slide. See attached. One thing you have to do to make it work is add a trigger to the slide master to show the layer when the timeline starts.

Mark Cairns

Hi John,

I see what you mean.

This method works best for custom menu items that sit at the top of the slide. As long as your slide layer content is below the buttons, it will work. But if want to use the whole slide area this isn't ideal. If you delay the "show layer" on the master slide it will show on top of the slide layer, but it's not ideal either. I've attached the delay method just in case.


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