Bad audio quality when recording screen

Dec 01, 2014

Hi! I have a problem With the audio when recording screen. The video of the mouse and movements are ok but my voicerecording is not good. It sounds like it is ''clipped'' and parts of the words is missing.  The quality when recording from mic only is very good. I have tested the mic elsewere but can't find a solution.  Can someone give me a hint how to solve the problem? Thx !

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Marianne!

Does this only happen when conducting screen recordings? What about when you try to just record audio (from insert sound -> record microphone)? Is the audio included when you record without the microphone - just using the built in mic of your computer/laptop? If it's only happening with the screen recording, my next suggestion would be to conduct the repair of Storyline detailed here.   

There is also a thread here where users discuss editing options as well.

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