Base layer hidden even when option is unchecked

Jun 26, 2012

Strange thing happened to me the other day.

My course slides have two layers with hotspots that basically just show navigation options on screen.

When user clicks a hotspot on the base layer, then a slide layer appears. All was working fine until yesterday when (during a test run) I noticed that the base layer suddenly dissappeared when the slide layer was activated.

I have checked if the option "hide base layer" was inadvertently checked on the slide layer, but that isn't the case (I was working on other scenes at the time this behavior occurred).

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance,


Story with the slide functioning properly ( )
Story with base layer hidden unexpectedly ( )

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Alexandros Anoyatis

I actually got it to work. All slide layers get their background properties from the Feedback Master regardless if they are quiz questions or regular slides.

Once I changed the Feedback Master background to 'none' (instead of a default preset theme) everything went back to normal.

Should that be expected behavior though? As it stands the "show/hide base layer" option on slide layer properties is only relevant if the Feedback Master theme has no background set. Doesn't that render the option redundant in most cases?

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