Base Layer Objects on New Layer

Apr 17, 2015

I'm sort of frustrated. Every time I duplicate (or copy and paste) a new layer, the objects from the base layer show up and I have to go in and hide them again. I don't understand why that is happening when I'm copying the layer where I already did all that hiding. I don't remember this being an issue in Storyline 1 but it's been quite a while since I've worked with it, so maybe I am just having a selective memory. 

I don't suppose there is an easy way to adjust this. I don't want to hide everyone on the base layer, just the image of the person and some text.

Should I just set up the base layer as a sort of blank slate and move the image of the person to a new layer so it doesn't show up every time? I'm using a template from eLearning Brothers for the interaction and adding my own flair.

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