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Dec 14, 2015

Storyline 2 will apparently not allow bullet points to come in one at a time on a slide ("by paragraph" rather than "as one object") - the option is there, but cannot be selected. Is this just my software, or a flaw in the system? This is basic PPT stuff....thanks.

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Bill McDermott

Thank you, sir - unfortunately, I've already used the "return" when I
created the bulleted list - for some reason, this works in PowerPoint but
not in Storyline 2....

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Kelly Parent

I am having the same issue - if you are making a bullet list you don't use carriage return - this should not be an issue but it is.  I am having this problem right now with a bullet list.  I can't select by paragraph in the animation and there is no arrow beside the text box in timeline either.

I am hoping someone has a solution.

Walt Hamilton
Kelly Parent

if you are making a bullet list you don't use carriage return -


There must be a "hard" line break of some kind. Otherwise changing the size of the text box will change the line lengths, and there is no marker for the placement of the bullets. The best breaks are what is inserted when the Return key is pressed.

You won't see the arrow beside the text box in the timeline until after you select animation effects by paragraph. Before that, there is no reason to expand the text into individual paragraphs.

Kelly Parent

Thanks Walt - I am not sure what you mean by a "hard" line break.  Using bullets should do that.

At any rate - it now seems to be working for the very text box I was struggling with.  I added a second text box and was trying to get it working with no luck.  I deleted the second text box and went back to my first one and it worked!  I am very unsure as to what I did differently as I don't think I did any thing different -  I can't see adding a deleting a different text box solving the issue with the first one.  I guess I may never know.

Thanks for your help - problem solved for now.


Walt Hamilton


A soft line break is a situation where the container is narrower than the text, causing the text to wrap in the container. It is soft because if the container size is changed, the text will break in a different spot. A hard break is caused by a newline, or a line break. No matter what the size of the container, the text will start a new line at the hard break.

Selecting a quantity of text and clicking the bullets button causes a bullet to be added before each new line, but only those new lines that are caused by a hard break.

It sounds like you may have had a different problem. Glad you got it solved.

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