Custom button do not stretch correctly

Nov 20, 2020

Dear Madam/Sir,

I have just created our button_family.story as suggested in other discussions. However, there is one issue we have with these buttons...

If you copy paste the desired button and you stretch it to the required size, then not all items stretch with it. What are the buttons made up of...

A basic shape, which is used for all states. All of it nicely coloured with gradient.
The "deactivated" state is more dull. This is easiest achieved with a semi-transparent (25%) white shape on top of the basic shape. The basic shape resizes like in all other states, but the white - let's call it "overlay" - does not.

What is the solution to this problem? Does anyone know?

Best regards from Appenzellerland   Mani

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Judy Nollet

When you add an object to one of the states for another object, the added object remains "as is." In other words, it won't automatically resize when you resize the main object. You have to manually edit the added object via Edit States.

To avoid the issue you're having with the button, I suggest you reformat the color of the existing button shape in the disabled state (instead of overlaying it with a semi-transparent shape). 

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