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May 21, 2012

Calling all superheroes

It is possible to base completion on number of slides viewed. Is there a way to base completion on viewing a particular slide? I have a non-linear module and using number of slides viewed won't actually reflect that they have visited each section. I could use a Yes/No multiple choice question to track the completion but I was hoping that upon reaching a particular slide (accessed using  state changes) I cuold then pass to the LMS that the course has been completed.

Appreciate anyone's assistance



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jay,

Makes sense - and if you're using some custom Javascript to set the tracking, then I'll defer to the community. In regards to the visiting of the slides, Storyline will consider a slide visited for tracking purposes once a user has landed on that slide - so you will want to keep that in mind if you're reporting to an LMS with that tracking method too. 

This thread is a bit older, so if you need assistance from Helen you may want to message her directly using the "contact me" button on her profile. 

Helen Tyson

Hi Jay

I'm still subscribed to the thread so I got an email :-)

I decided to build you a sample as it was probably easier for you to see it rather than just try an explain - but here the explanation:

  1. There's a T/F variable for each interaction slide which starts as false
  2. On the interaction slides initialize the relevant variable so previous results aren't saved in second and subsequent attempts
  3. Adjust the variable to True when the interaction is complete (in the example when the square is dropped on the box)
  4. Repeat 2&3 for all interactions
  5. Create a single select question with two answer choices - freeform pick one is ideal - move the answer choices off the slide
  6. Set triggers to change the state of the answer options to selected as appropriate at timeline starts using conditions based on the value of the variables
  7. Change the navigation buttons for the question slide to display the Next & Prev rather than Submit
  8. Add a Blank Results Slide that you can add any content to and give it a pass mark of 100%

There you go!


Heather Wolfe Hall

That's how I've done it in mine.  I use Variables and set those variables based on triggers in the relevant slide.  In many instances, I've got it set that the learner can't "unlock" the next section until the variable is satisfied.  That way, the only way they even get to the Results slide...they've completed the required components.

Jennifer Choe

Hi Jeanette, I am trying to accomplish something similar to where I can track completion of my course on viewing specific slides that are contained in difference scenes. I was able to set up the freeform Pick One questions on each of these slides with off-screen "Viewed" buttons and have inserted a Results slides to track each of the required slides. This all works perfectly, but what I'm struggling with is how to have users automatically directed to the Results slide once they have viewed all of the required slides. Because our course is not linear and there are a couple of of different ways that the user can navigate around the course, having the "Next" button trigger the Results slide will not work for us. I have tried to put a trigger on the "Viewed" buttons for each of the required slides that will jump to the Results slide if the State changes to Selected and then added conditions to only jump to the slide if "Results1.ScorePoints is Greater than or equal to Results1.PassPoints" or "Results1.ScorePercent is Greater than or equal to Results1.PassPercent", but the trigger does not work. I have also tried using the condition of "Results1.ScorePoints==Equal to 30.00 which is the passing score. This doesn't work either.

I want to avoid having to have the user click a button to get to the Results slide and would like a way to have them automatically directed to it once they meet the tracking requirements. Is there a way to do this?

I have attached my story file for reference. Scenes 2 - Overview and 3 - Show-Me have the required slides and Scene 9 - Course Completion has the Results slide. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jennifer

instead of using the 'viewed' button selected state I created 3 T/F variables.

scene2_visited, scene3_1visited, scene3_2visited and set them all default = false.

On the scene 2 slide I created a trigger

Adjust variable scene2_visited to true when timeline ends on that slide.  I wasn't sure if the user was locked into watching/listening to the slide till the end of the timeline - if not maybe you need to adjust the trigger to when media completes or when timeline starts if you only want them to touch the slide.

On scene 3 slide 1 same trigger as above using the scene3_1 visited variable and on secne 3 slide 2 same again using the scene3_2 visited variable.

I haven't touched the result slide yet - do you want to check the attached file and see if it gets you part way to what you are trying to achieve.

Hope I have understood what you are trying to do

Jennifer Choe

Thanks so much for the response Wendy! I think using the T/F variables will accomplish what we need. I tried to replicate what you did with the Dashboards story file for another course, but I cannot seem to get the Results slide to trigger automatically. Do I still need to set up each of the slides I want tracked as a freeform PickOne question? Would you mind reviewing the attached story file to see if all of my variables and triggers have been set up correctly?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jennifer

on first look at slide 2.3 it is your trigger order which is very important. 

You are jumping to a slide using the scene2_3visited variable but the trigger to set that variable to true is after the jump trigger.  SL executes the triggers in order.

Move the Jump to trigger underneath the submit results trigger - highlight the jump to trigger and use the up down arrows next to the bin icon to re-order.

So think about what you want to happen

1. set the variable to true

2. submit the results using that variable

3. jump to slide using that variable

Here is an article about trigger order to help you

Shailesh M

Hi All,

SL2 published courses
SetStatus is working fine as custom completion trigger

SL3 published courses
SetStatus is not working in Chrome browser. Now Flash is blocked in Chrome by default, so HTML5 version is playing in Chrome. SetStatus is not working from HTML5 version. If we will enable Flash in Chrome and then check the course, it is working fine from Flash.

It is strange that working fine from SL2 but not in SL3 courses



Shailesh M

Hi All,

Till SL team resolve this, here is the workaround for the issue. Copy below JavaScript code and paste it in SL slide where the custom completion is required.

 // if not found
if (typeof SetStatus == "undefined"){
     if (typeof SetReachedEnd == "undefined"){
     } else {
          // if found
} else {
     // As is for IE/Flash

It is checking ‘SetStatus’ function, if not found then call the other function which will set the completion status. 

So on IE and Safari, SetStatus will be called and on Chrome SetReachedEnd will be called.

Bridget O'Dell

FYI, I just posed an article on how to "Grand Course Completion in LMS based on Branching Path Completion". This may be helpful for those included on this string as it is similar functionality.

Hope this helps!

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