Beginner's Issue: Not able to view all trigger options on laptop

Feb 03, 2018

When I click open the insert trigger dialog box and click on Action "jump to slide" in order to view all options, I cannot see the top options.  How do I shrink the view so that I am able to view all options?

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charmaine obrien


I have set my screen display to 100% as I was unable to use storyline on my laptop because I could not see many of the elements (triggers, states etc) nor scroll down to look through the content library etc. Now that I have it at 100% I can see all of these but it is so tiny its difficult to work on in another way. Is there some other way I can manage this issue such that I can see and use all the storyline features and actually see what I am doing?

Becca Levan

Hi Charmaine!

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! I'm sorry you're struggling with the display. From here, I want our support engineers to step in and offer suggestions.

Can you share your current display setup details and a screenshot of what you see? We'll reach out soon after we hear from you!