Being able to disable NEXT BUTTON for ten seconds.. THEN..

May 01, 2015

I am looking for information on being able to disable the NEXT BUTTON for ten seconds which I did in attached file with a little help from one of the users last night, but IS THERE A WAY TO MAKE IT SO THAT WHEN THE USER CLICKS BACK A SLIDE, that the NEXT BUTTON is not disabled?

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Gary Collins

Took a crack at it and couldn't quite figure out away to do it with your triggers in the master slide. Maybe someone else will jump in and figure that out.

I set it up so that your triggers are on each slide now. But, this will result in allot of variables depending on your project size.

Cary Glenn

Hi Brett,

Try this. It is not on the master. I still struggle with slide masters. I think that is going to be a goal for this year. Instead I added an object off the stage and then added one trigger to change the state of the next button  based on the state of the rectangle. I also set the slide to resume saved state when revisiting. It is a little extra work compared to putting in on a master but with the ability to copy and past triggers it goes fast.

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