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Aug 30, 2019

Hi all,

I´m setting up a new LMS, that comes with Articulate. I need to upload almost 200 PDFs, in Articulate, in a couple of days.
I´m wondering what´s the quickest and easiest method to do it. The PDFs should be displayed in the same course, not in a different window, nor in Resources. We should ensure the person goes through the entire PDF. A read and understood message should appear at the end for the employee to click (later we will include a quiz).
I have tried some unsuccessful options in Storyline and Rise as well:
Regarding Storyline:
• I have tried as a Trigger / Jump to URL (an internal Sharepoint), but the following message appears: Method “Title” not supported by automation object. Nevertheless I click ok, and I can review the PDF, but outside Articulate, and cannot return back to Articulate.
• I have tried to create a scrolling panel, and then inserting a WebObject, but the following error message appears: “This content cannot be displayed in a frame”.
• I have tried to insert a WebObject and again the error message appears saying: “This content cannot be displayed in a frame”.
• I have tried exporting the PDF into JPG to be inserted into a scrolling panel, but the PDF is split in several JPGs….
Regarding Rise:
• I have tried adding the hyperlink to the specific document in Sharepoint, but the Rise is redirecting to “Microsoft Online / Sign to your account”, and when you click there, does not direct you to the specific PDF.
• I have tried again inserting as a process, but I will need to upload each page of the JPG, which will be very time consuming.
What would you suggest?
Thank you,

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Jerry Beaucaire

I would recommend the following for a PDF you need to insure is 100% reviewed.

  1. create a single slide version of it
  2. Explain on the base layer that the content you are about to see will be tested
  3. Put the content on sequential layers of the same single slide, with your own NEXT / PREV buttons designed to walk up and down through the layers.  You are breaking up the content to appear easy to the eye on each slide layer.
  4. Get all this working in one course the way you want. 

  5. Then save that one slide as a .story
  6. Now just import that one slide into your 200 courses.  


You only need to do the hard work once in the first course, then it's just a quick import into each course.

My two cents.  

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