Big SCORM file (SL 3) + Moodle Cloud

Hello everybody,

I'm actually using a Moodle Cloud server for a project.

SCORM files are operational, but I have two questions :

- Can we have a full screen of the player, because on Moodle, the SL player is cropped, we must use scrollbar to see the bottom of the player.

- The total space for storage in Moodle Cloud is very weak : 200MB! Can we use a different method for use SCORM files in external way (DropBox, GoogleDrive...) ? (! MoodleCloud not permit to install plugins !).

Thank you in advance for your responses !! :)

[ Apologize for my english, i'm French :) ] 

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Michael Anderson

Does Moodle have the option to launch the course in a new window? That would hopefully get rid of the scroll bar.

You can pay for a service like Scorm Cloud to host your course, and then load it into Moodle. If you don't want to pay anything then you might have to change your course to make the file smaller. One thing you can do is to move videos files off to a web hosted service. Do you have many videos in your course now?