Storyline courses running slow on Moodle (3.0.2)

Hi all,

has anyone had issues with published Storyline courses running slowly on Moodle?

We have a SCORM course (although we've tried publishing to web as well with the same result) that we have uploaded to our Moodle instance - version 3.0.2. The course doesn't have video or audio in it and no major graphics other than a few images. 

Moving between screens can take up to 10 seconds, in some cases, and every now and then we get a SCORM error saying that the internet connection is unstable. We have a 100mb line which isn't really being utilised and Moodle is running off a dedicated server which is only running at 5% capacity (95% free) so these can't be the source of our problem.

We have another Moodle instance hosted in the cloud that we use to test courses. We've tried uploading the course to both this Moodle instance and SCORM cloud and it works perfectly, it just seems to be our live Moodle instance that is giving us hassles, does anyone have any idea as to what it may be, Articulate can't give me an answer. 


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Dan Marsden

It's not likely to be Articulate causing this - it's more likely that your hosting environment has not been set up well. The dedicated server might be running at 5% but your web-server and database server may only be configured to use 5% of the capacity.

Hopefully as you are hosting your own server you will have someone internally that can read and understand technical docs/tune your server - there's a good page within the Moodle docs here that may help:

If nothing on that page makes sense to anyone that looks after your system it may be a better idea to pay for managed Moodle hosting (a bit like the cloud site you have been using) - There are a large number of certified Moodle service providers that can help you with this, some certified service providers can also provide performance tuning services for self-hosted systems.

(Full disclosure: I work for a Moodle service provider, details of my associations are available on my profile)

Matthew Womack-Evans

Hi Manjunath,

Thanks for the link. Although, I've looked through that particular discussion before and it seems to be specific to the SCORM error message with a lot of discussion around the use of iPads.

We aren't using iPads at all and while the SCORM error message is an issue, by far the greatest issue is the poor performance being experienced.

Our problem is apparent when using Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge, so it's not specific to a browser from what I can see. 

Matthew Womack-Evans

Hi Dan,

our Moodle site is hosted by an external company similar to yours. They've been looking at the performance problems we've been experiencing but can't find anything wrong. That's why I was hoping Articulate may be able to direct our investigations a little bit as we (they) are shooting in the dark a bit here.

I'll pass on the link you provided to see if that helps them at all. 

Any other tips or guidance as to what we should be looking at would be greatly appreciated!


Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew -- Thanks for reaching out here, and it looks like your fellow community members are offering some really great insights! 

May I ask, have you tested your course (when published for LMS) on the SCORM Cloud yet, and are you finding the same sluggish behavior?

If it behaves properly in the SCORM Cloud, typically, that is when we'd recommend that you reach out to your LMS provider directly for additional investigation. Please also see this sheet on System Requirements for Articulate Storyline2, and this additional information on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Matthew Womack-Evans

Hi Dan, 

thanks for the offer, it's much appreciated. It seems as though the company that hosts our site have been able to improve the situation. They've updated the version of PHP and made some other changes and the course seems to be running better now.

If we start experiencing severe lag again I may just take you up on your offer and put them in touch with you.


Hi Christie,

it looks as though we may have sorted the issue out, but yes I did test it on SCORM cloud without experiencing any of the performance issues. 

Thanks you for the additional resources.