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Victoria Nap

Hi Ashley,

I tested on SCORM Cloud, and I'm not able to get the status to change to satisfied or completed. I have the SCORM set to completed/failed, and that is based on a quiz results slide (the minimum passing score is set to 0, because the score is not important). I know that the results slide is being reported, because I can access the results in LEARN (not sure how to find that in SCORM Cloud). I feel like I've tried every combination of SCORM requirements, and I cannot ever get it to work.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Angelia -- Thanks for your questions, and as this thread is dated, you may want to start a new thread and note in the title that your question is directed at Blackboard users.

In the meantime, i also wanted to ask if you would be able to test your course on the SCORM Cloud to see if you encounter the same behavior. You may also find these links on troubleshooting LMS issue to be helpful:

Troubleshooting LMS issues

How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud