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Lauren Connelly

Hello Casey!

Sorry that you're running into a similar issue! It sounds like the images look clear in Storyline 360 but not in Review 360. Have you tried publishing the course for Web instead?

If you can share a .story file with us, that would be helpful! You can upload it privately in a support case. 

Mark Kirby

Hi Casey,

Please do post any news here on images. I gave up as apparently there is no fix in sight. The only "solution" I have got is to use SVG images when I have output from graphs etc (via powerpoint to enable direct SVG save as picture). Super frustrating.  The Storyline roadmap has only 2 things on it (when you look at it) and fixing graphics is not one of the magic two.

Mark Kirby

This is the complete Storyline roadmap....(published anyway)

Storyline 360



Buttons for 360° Images

Add buttons to marker and hotspot labels in 360° images so learners can trigger specific actions, such as launching a website or downloading a document.

In development

Progress-Tracking Exclusions for 360° Images

Exclude specific markers and hotspots from progress tracking in 360° images to capture more accurate results.



Jamie Shaw

I am suffering too.  I am utterly tired of how terrible Storyline can be when it comes to rendering high quality images.  Maybe back in 2012 it wasn't so pertinent, but here we are, on the cusp of 2022, when even 4k is yesterdays news, and Articulate refuse to acknowledge the problem.

I have submitted a feature request (and everyone else should do the same) that Articulate stop focusing on adding new features to Storyline, but instead, devote their resources to getting the basics right.  Images should not be blurry.  Period.  The Zoom function should use the native resolution of the image, and not just magnify the screen render.  We should be able to screen record a full 4k monitor.

I am so tired of this.  Articulate... PLEASE do something about this.  This is not right. 

Matthew Bibby

There seems to be a bunch of issues with SVGs, but I'm still isolating them.

The latest build I did had a number of SVGs that showed up as solid blocks of colour when published as SL couldn't handle the simple gradients used...

I've also heard reports from a colleague who is having issues with transparency in SVGs.

States are definitely problematic. If I use an SVG as a button, for example, and add text into the SVG's state, the text simply won't display when published. However, if we start with a shape created in Storyline, then add the SVG and text to that, it works fine.

I also had an issue where I used the replace image feature on an SVG. It moved the image to the top left of the screen and deleted all associated triggers/alt text.

Oh... and that lovely little hand that appears when the mouse cursor moves over an interactive object? That doesn't work on SVGs.

And basic stuff like position info not being shown in the ribbon, forcing one to open the size and position window to see that.

And don't even think about cropping an SVG... that's not an option either.

These are just a few of the issues off the top of my head.

SVG support should definitely still be in beta. It isn't ready for production work in my opinion. I've wasted at least 10 hours this past week alone messing around with SVGs.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matthew,

Not 'help,' but isolate the issue. Is it only happening in Review 360, or is it happening in any other environment?

Also, thanks for helping out Mark. It does look like it was the quick posting, but all the replies above have been released.

It looks like you're still digging into your SVG findings, but please let me know if you'd like me to get these reported, or you can share them with the team here for us to dig in.

Matthew Bibby
Leslie McKerchie

Not 'help,' but isolate the issue. Is it only happening in Review 360, or is it happening in any other environment?


I haven't been using Review 360 at all on this project, but I'd expect the visual issues would occur there as well. I'll be doing more with SVGs over the next couple of months so will continue to document the issues that I notice. 


Mark Kirby

Hi Leslie (McKerchie),

Is Articulate genuinely tone deaf to the frustration your customers are experiencing?  I'm not "digging into" anything. I just gave up - see my other posts on the topic, and the generic Staff responses that get trotted out again and again, with no progress made.  Storyline is a great product but if images are blurry then it's like you are expecting everyone to take their reading glasses off and just live with whatever they can still make out.

Jamie Shaw

What I would like to see is just some transparency from Articulate.  Honestly, I would admire them if they came out and said, 'yes, we know there's a problem', and then provide us with a timeline to fix it.  If it's 6 months, a year, two years, well fine... I'll work around these bugs, or just use other tools in the meantime.  

Over to you Articulate.

John Fanely

I logged on with hopes of reading some good news, but to no avail. I’ve been asking this question for way too long with no answers.  I had to sell my company on SL and have been using it for the past 5-6 years. And now I’m still trying to convince them to keep it because of cost. AND in addition, my credibility is being questioned because “my work” looks so blurry.  That’s not cool at all! 

I have resorted to skipping the interactive aspect and have gone to videos in our LMS. And get this, I’m using PPT to produce the step by step videos because the images remain crystal clear. 

Cmon Articulate, this is basic stuff. Perhaps give the folks at Microsoft a ring  for some tips?  🤷🏽‍♂️ HELP, I’m barely hanging on here. 

Mark Kirby


This was the most transparent answer I got, nearly a month ago, on 1st Dec 2021, (with no further help from "Support")

Hi Mark,
I appreciate the follow-up, and I understand the frustration, but we're not able to share any concrete updates at this time. It is currently in the early stages of review.
To help you plan, it's unlikely to be fixed in the next couple of updates.
Since you have a support case, we'll notify you as soon as we have news to share.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mark,

My comment regarding 'digging into' was based on Matthew's reply above, so I apologize for any confusion. I've opened a support case so that we can take a look at the SVG items he shared.

I can see your support case where you worked with Renato, and it looks like you are experiencing an issue specific to pixelated screenshots. I appreciate you sharing the details with folx here.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jamie and John,

I reviewed the reports shared here and the related cases filed, and the issue is specific to screenshots being pixelated when imported into Storyline 360.

I do not have a timeline to share at this time.

If you're experiencing an issue with an image that you did not capture as a screenshot, please share it with our team here.