Blurry screens in SL3 when scaled to fit browser window


My client would like the storyline course I'm building to be responsive so I set the player to 'scale player to fit browser window'. When I do this the images and text (especially in imported graphics) look blurry.

They're fine when I set the payer back to 'Lock player at optimal size'.

I've made sure the graphics are created the right size for the screen so I don't have to resize them on import.

Is there anything else I can do to prevent blurriness or is this a known issue? I attacks a screenshot ion the settings used.

Any advice welcome!

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Liz Hilton

Hi Louise

Thanks for responding.

The screens were blurry on Scorm cloud. I'm still waiting to see how they display on the client's LMS. When I opened the published files locally on my Mac, they look blurry in Safari but better in Microsoft Edge.

I can load a screenshot but would prefer not to share publicly.

Crystal Horn

Hi Liz.  You're right - if your graphics have large enough dimensions, I wouldn't expect them to be blurry when scaling up to the size of the browser.  I certainly wouldn't expect text to be blurry, either.  

Since you can't share your files publicly, could you upload your .story file here for me to test?  I'd like to peek under the hood and see if I can identify the cause.  Thanks!

Crystal Horn

Hi again.  I can clearly see the difference between locking the player and scaling it in your file, so I'm documenting this issue as a possible bug.  I saw the blurriness in both Flash and HTML5 output across a couple of different browsers that I tried.

For now, I'd recommend locking the player at the optimal size for the best clarity in output.  I'll keep you updated on any new information I get about that issue!