Fuzzy text and images SL360 in Chrome

I am trying out SL360 and I run into a very ugly problem. When using Chrome (version 54.0.2840.99 m) the sharpness of text and images go from very blurry to sharp depending on the size of my browser window. IE11 neither SL2 has this problem. 

I do want the ability to scale the output (player options, Player size: Scale player to fill browser window). Does anyone know this problem and how to overcome this?

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Marcel Lendi

I got a response from Articulate about this. A workaround for now is to use flash output. You will have to do some settings in flash to view the output locally in Chrome. It works for now, but I do hope there will be a solution for HTML5 too.

Another issue I am facing at the moment is blurriness of video output (like screen recordings) which are compressed to the storyline size when publishing in the highest video quality in SL360 (not in SL2). This leads to blurriness viewing the output on full screen with SL360; my player settings is scalable to fit browser window. I already made a call for this.


Marcel Lendi

Yes and no. For the chrome you can use flash output to get good text: see my reply above for more details.

For the video's there is still no solution: on the highest output SL360 Is still compressing them.

At this moment our department sticks to SL2 for now, because we need high quality video output and we prefer to use HTML5 (also for mobile devices). We don't want to pay a very expensive license compared to SL2 (which is one time fee only) and have a poorer output.

Maciej Masior

Ok, but how you run your courses in html5 on PC? In SL2 you don't have "publish only to html5" option. On PC, courses always run in flash (for now). You can force to run in html5 on PC as well (some changes in html files), but when you scale up your course its very blurry. Much more then in SL360.

Marcel Lendi

Chrome uses html5 .

I haven't got a good solution yet.  The only workaround is to make the storyline much bigger e.g. 1920x1080. But that means re-scaling all old project, which isn't fun, because re-scaling also comes with problems: like borders can become ugly and you have to set them all manually.

It is a pain in the ass and I do hope Articulate comes with solutions soon for good HTML5 and a leaving screen-recordings and video's is their original size when using maximum video quality.

Personally I think for the amount of money they ask for SL360 they should deliver a professional product. I am very disappointed so far.


Maciej Masior

When you run locally it's the same. Chrome still try to use flash. It even pops out the message that can't play your course coz of security reasons and so on... To run it in html5 you have to open the "story_html5.html" file, but it's so so blurry and ugly :(
I really want to use only html5 output, but with this blurriness in SL2 its impossible. It's shame that in new SL360 this problem still exist on chrome. On edge or firefox html5 course runs super crisp, even after scalling up.

Marcel Lendi

Update (see correction): Fuzzy text is gone in the LMS system (Moodle). Same HTML5 file, same browser, same computer: totally different quality between viewing in LMS or on my computer... weird

CORRECTION: in Moodle Chrome is able to use flash and it was not HTML5 I was seeing.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marcel and Maciej,

Thanks for keeping this discussion going and sharing your latest updates. I see the issue is still with our team, but that it was noted as specific to Chrome 54 (as that was the version available at the time of Articulate 360's release). Are you still seeing the issues in the latest version of Chrome 56? I took a look at a few of the courses Lea had created in Marcel's original case and the HTML5 output of those in Chrome 56 didn't appear blurry to me. 

Chrome released an update with the latest version as well to disable Flash by default, although you can still right click to run it.