book marking and login page without LMS

Oct 04, 2014

Hey everyone.

I am most likely answering my own question: i have a project with no LMS available to host it. I need user to input login name and it needs to book mark. That's all. But that's plenty to where i imagine i have to have an LMS or some back end server programing to manage login name/user and associate that unique login name/user with book marking. Just wondering if there is a way to do this without LMS infrastructure.



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Gerry Wasiluk

Sort of, CR!

If not using a LMS, most times, bookmarking data will be stored locally on the user's device.  One thing to remember, if learners use more than one device to access the course (i.e., start with one device and finish with another) there's no way, I believe, to share bookmarking information from one device to another without using a LMS, Articulate Online, or some other content management system.

Also, I'd be sure to always have resume on in your course.  Don't prompt the user to resume--force it.  If they answer wrong, you could lose the previous bookmarking info.  Always resume.

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