Bookmarking Issue

Hi Team,

I am facing a problem regarding bookmarking in the course. I have a course of about 160 slides. There are 6 modules in that course and testing it on scorm cloud, when I exit the course from scorm cloud after module 3(almost 60 slides covered), bookmarking of course is working fine till module 3.

I relaunch course and the course resumed from same place but after completing module 4, i again exit from course, now it resumes from module 4 assessment question 3 rather then module 5 landing page.

This problem remains the same after module 4. Could anyone please help me what is the problem in course is this suspended data problem or anything else.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Yogesh, I think you will find this is an issue with the size of the resume data because of the size of the course.  There is a limit to how much some LMS's can hold, and often you will find what happens is it resumes to a point that is not where you left.  Storyline sends all the resume data to your LMS.