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Dec 12, 2014


I have storyline courses containing 250-280 slides.  I have published them for LMS using SCORM 2004. I have uploaded a course on scorm cloud. When I leave course in-between, and try to re-launch it to check the bookmarking functionality, a resume prompt appears, saying "Do you want to resume?" and it's working fine as per the requirement for half of the course i.e. till 120-125 slides. But, after mentioned slide counts, if I try to do the same, resume prompt doesn't appear. Course doesn't get resumed,  and it directly refreshes the course. Can anyone please suggest some solution on this?

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Sayali Sathe

Hi Phil,

Thanks much. Now bookmarking is working fine. However, The issue is still remaining for Quiz bank. I have a question bank at the end of the course, where the requirement is, to draw 20 questions out of 30, and the questions should be shuffled. if I left the course before attempting this quiz, bookmarking is working absolutely fine now. But, if I complete the quiz section, exit the course, and then if tried to re-launch the course, I'm getting the resume prompt, and if clicking "yes", the button is not re-directing me anywhere. if i select "No" course gets restart. I want to select "yes" and check the bookmarking as per the requirement. Can you please suggest on this?

Sayali Sathe

HI Emily and Phil,

I have gone through the documentation on suspend_data element. I have published the course for SCORM 2004 4th Edition and used .swf file format for 30 quiz questions instead of the question bank and the bookmarking is working fine now. But, the package when uploaded on the CornerStone and SCORM Cloud LMS does not display the LMS status as Completed/Incomplete.

I have tried Java script but have not arrived at a solution. Can you suggest any solution? 


Sayali S.


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