Border on images messing up

Feb 03, 2015

I've added a border to some images in my course and for whatever reason it wont show the border on the right side of the image. It is happening to a number of my images now in the course, but not all of them. When I'm just building the course it looks like the border is working, then when I preview or publish the course it is messed up. Any idea what could be causing this?

Ive attached screenshots to show what I'm talking about.


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Wendy Farmer
Jackson Hamner

Okay so i found a workaround sort of

  1. Open image into powerpoint
  2. format image in powerpoint
  3. copy image from powerpoint into articulate

It is pretty frustrating that I cant work with images just in articulate though. I cant copy+paste images from my clipboard into it most of the time either, I need to paste images into powerpoint or paint or something and copy it to articulate from there.

Unfortunately i'm on a work computer and cant easily reinstall the software and fix it, so I'll have to work with this until i can make time to get my computer worked on.


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