Branching and Multiple Quizzes - Incomplete Issue

Aug 22, 2016

I have designed a course that has basically four chapters, each with their own "end of chapter quiz."  One of the chapters allows the learner to take one of two paths, depending on their job role.  At the end of that chapter, the learner takes the appropriate quiz.  I created a final results slide to submit to the LMS, which tallies all 5 of the course results slides (one for each chapter, and two for the chapter with branching).  I have adjusted the passing score to account for the two questions the learner will never see due to branching.  When testing this in SCORM, all works well except the course always remains "incomplete" since the learner did not touch one of the results slides where I had them branch based on their job function.  

I have scoured the forums and see a few users suggest quite complicated workarounds, mostly from about two years ago.  I have not been successful in troubleshooting this problem to send the appropriate score to the LMS AND have the course show "complete."  If I change the final results slides to tally the appropriate questions, instead of tally the results slides, I can get the course to "complete," but if the learner tries to navigate back with the menu, it does some very strange things.  I attempted to add a "dummy results" slide at the end of the branched chapter, but I cannot figure out how to bring the results of the previous quizzes to that slide.

Any updates on this issue?  It seems to be a common issue, especially for those using branching based on the learner's job functions or language.  When tallying the results on the final results slide, it seems there should be an easier way to tell Storyline 2 when the course is "complete."  With any branching, it seems that if the learner did not visit every possible results slide, the status remains "incomplete."

Any ideas to help me get my course "complete?"


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Christie Pollick

Thanks for sharing that suggestion here, Wendy! And Jill, while JavaScript is not something for which we are able to offer support, there are many here in the community who are quite knowledgeable on JS, and are often able to assist. And in case you'd like to take a look, here also is some information on JavaScript Best Practices and Examples

Jill Allen

Thanks.  I am not savvy with JavaScript, but I did see that post.  Perhaps I will post a suggestion for the next release.  It would seem to make sense to me that many are using branching and a quiz at the end of each branch.  Therefor, it would make sense to me that Storyline should allow one to select which Results slides should be selected for the final Results to the LMS and which should be visited to mark the course as "complete."  I see this as adding some "either/or" logic so that one could tell Storyline if Results 1 or Results 2 is visited, the course is complete, for example.  Also, submit the greater of the scores from either Results 1 or Results 2.  This would help those developing courses with branching due to language preference, job function, or developing courses where a learner can "test out" of an area with a more challenging quiz.  Just a thought...

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