Branching - having learner select a coloured icon for game

Jun 21, 2013

Hi there, I'm trying a work on a quiz game format where the learner selects an icon (similar to picking a monopoly piece) and then they have this colour as they move around the "board". Here's where I'm stuck... if you create a branch from their colour select, how do you keep the colour consistent throughout. Do you have three branches of the same slides all the way down, or is there a way to say "if the learner picks the red icon, it should remain red on slide 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12"?

Here's the link to what demonstrates the concept. I hope I'm allowed to post this site...

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Antony Snow

Hi Erin,

With the use of some variables (one for each game piece the user can select from) and a couple of triggers, this can be achieved without having to have numerous branches with duplicate content but a different coloured marker.

Please see my demo attached (this is far from the finished product, but you should be able to see how it is built at least).


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