Branching Issue

Jul 12, 2017

Hi! I need a hero to come to my rescue!

I have three paths a learner must take. Initially, the NEXT button is disabled. Once a path is taken, its state changes to Visited. Once all three have been Visited, the state of the NEXT button is changed to Normal, and the learner can proceed in the course.

This all works fine when I preview that one particular slide, however, when I preview the entire module, the Next button does not appear after all states have been changed to Visited.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! I have attached the .story file.

Many thanks!!

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Sam N

Hi Joy. I suppose you must change one trigger to get it working. On the Slide "Branches" the second Trigger.

Change it like that. I think it should work:

"Change State of Next B. to Normal, When Timeline starts" and the Conditions must be "Shape After is Visited" "Shape Before is Visited" and "Shape During is visited"


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