Branching question.... HELP!

Hi, I used variables to create branching questions that will lead to a particular outcome based on the value of a "No" or "Yes" response.  But, it's not working.  I don't know what I'm doing "right' or wrong.  I've attached my file.  I apologize if I may not be explaining it clearly.  I hope someone can make sense of what I'm trying to say and help me out.

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Math Notermans

Several basic errors in your file. First check this image that clarifies some of them.
As you can see i added a visual setup of the conditions you had in your original file. And the variable sum_yes and sum_no to doublecheck whether my conditions are good and i go to the correct slide.

Next you notice that the conditions are way simpler then the way you set them up.
After doing this i tested your title and still i only jumped to 'Final Good'.

Doublechecking your question slides showed the obvious. All no buttons set the 'no' variable to 0. Whereas that needs to be 1. You probably copy/pasted buttons without doublechecking and changing their values. Fixing that and all works as wanted.

Adding your fixed project.
Kind regards,

Joanne Chen

Hi Trisha,

You use too many variables and triggers in your file and made it too complex. All you need is one variable and you can achieve what you need (let's use variable sum_yes). And set one trigger to calculate the value of sum_yes when user click submit on the condition of Yes BNT is selected. Then set two triggers to jump to different result slides by different value of variable(>=4 to final yes, <to final no)

You can take a look at the file attached that modified as described above.