Branching quiz/requiring learner to view the result of each choice

May 26, 2022

Hi there! I'm adding a quiz in my course that branches out to allow the learner to see what happens after they choose each option. The thing is, I want the learner's answer recorded for points, but I want for them to go back and review the results of each choice before moving forward to the next quiz scenario.

I already have each scenario structured so that the learner cannot move forward without viewing the results of each choice. However, now that I need to make each of these a graded quiz question instead of just a scenario, I'm not sure how to set it up within the quiz structure (I'm using Freeform) so that the learner must go back to review other choices after answering.  

Any suggestions on the best way to structure this?

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Garth Yorko

Use Feedback by choice, variables, state changes, layers, and transparent buttons to make this work.  See attached.  In effect, each question is answered once and then directed to a page with the result of the choice.  When the learner clicks the continue button, they are returned to the question.  A trigger opens the new layer I created. From the variables control which opens are still available to review.  Once all are reviewed, the learner can advance to the next question.  Since each question is only answered once, you can track using a results page.