Branching Scenes/Slide Titles in Menu

Mar 29, 2018

In poking around, I think the answer to my question is to make my own menu on the slides...but I'm hoping there's another answer that can be achieved by triggers or player settings or some other creative method.

I am building 508 compliant courses, but I want those who do not use screen readers to be able to use features like drag-and-drop and hotspots.  In order to do this, I have put a slide at the very beginning of the course asking learners to select their navigation method: slide/tap on tablet/phone, mouse, or keyboard.  I then plan to have two with the drag-and-drop activities and one that is 508 compliant.  BUT, I don't want to have duplicate slide names in the menu.  Is there anyway that I can have the menu for one branch only show slides for that for that branch?  

I mocked up a sample below using the quiz questions at the end of the module.  You can see in the menu that Scenes 4 and 5 are essentially duplicates, though Scene 5 has a different activity and one less slide.  Ideally, I'd those who select navigation that goes to Scene 5 to only see the Scene 5 slides and those who select navigation that goes to Scene 4 to only see Scene 4 slides.  Too much to ask??


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Walt Hamilton

No. Put the names of one branch on the menu. Create a trigger on each of those slides that Jumps to the corresponding slide in the other branch, depending on which branch the user chooses.

Example: On Slide 1 user chooses 508 - yes or no. Menu shows and jumps only to non-508 slides. Each non-508 slide has a trigger: "Jump to equivalent 508 slide when timeline starts if 508 variable is True." Since the slides look the same, the jump won't be noticed.

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