Branching slide and visited states

Sep 25, 2012

I have a slide with three characters on it.  The participant is supposed to select a character and follow a short scenario about that character.  At the end of the scenario, they are returned to the initial page and can select a different character.  When they have selected all three, I want to jump to the next slide in the presentation.  I have the characters set to change state to visited once they have indeed been visited.  I then have a trigger to jump to the desired next slide in the presentation when all three have been visited.  Unfortunately, when you click the third character, it jumps to the next slide instead of that character's scenario.  I have a feeling I'm about to jump into the scary world of variables on this one!  Your advice is, as always, gratefully appreciated!  (Some day, I'm looking forward to being able to ANSWER questions, not just ask them!)

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Heather Emerick

Um, because I'm trying to make my life as difficult as possible.  Thanks for the easy solution!  On that topic, is it weird to have some slides progress with the NEXT/ PREV buttons on the player and others with your own CONTINUE button?  I've generally tried to have consistent navigation but sometimes it causes more more trouble than it is worth!  

Mike Enders

Yeah, I'd say consistency is definitely best.  In your situation, you could still have the next button maintain it's functionality.   

So you keep your current schema (using layers as your means of character info presentation) and then you have a trigger on the next button that says jump to slide IF the states of all the characters is visited.  A 2nd trigger maybe shows a layer that says you must visit all areas before continuing. 

This way, you still use evaluate the states of the characters and are still using the primary next prev buttons for your nav.

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