Bring learner back to a specific slide when learner submits incorrect answer for a KC in second attempt.

Hi everyone,

I have a KC with 5 drag and drop items. The learner will get immediate incorrect feedback when they drop the incorrect draggable item. After submitting the answers, they will then get second incorrect feedback asking them to view a video in the previous slide. I've added a Watch video button in the incorrect feedback layer which will bring them to the previous slide with only one video. 

What should I do if I want Storyline to bring the learner to the specific video if they got an incorrect answer in the second attempt and there are 3 videos in 3 different layers? I appreciate your input and suggestion. Thanks!

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Kydon Digital Media

Hi Wendy,

Thanks much! I've shared the sample file for your review.  Below is the scenario:

1. The learner goes through each video from Slide 3-5.

2. Next, the learner takes the KC. Here, immediate feedback is given to learner when incorrect item is dropped on the empty space. 

3. Then, the learner clicks the submit button after dropping all the answers and general feedback given for them to watch the video.

In the file, the variable used will direct them to one video. How to direct the learner to any one of the videos if a specific answer is incorrect after clicking the submit button? 


Wendy Farmer

That's what I'm asking - if I dropped answer 1 incorrectly which video should I go to, answer 2 which video, answer 3 which video - the issue is if I incorrectly dropped more than one - where do I send them?  Or do they go from one video to the next?'

Or is it a combo thing...if I answer 1,2 & 4 incorrectly I go to this video, incorrect answer 3 & 5 this video?

Wendy Farmer


I'm not understanding your comment reply.

If I answer statements 1, 2 and 5 incorrect, I go to video 1 for statement 3, video 2 for statement 4 and video 5 for statement 5.

Why am I going to video 1 for statement 3 if I got that correct? and  video 2 to statement 4 if I got that correct.

I've created 5 variables and added these to each incorrect item layer and added a trigger to the incorrect layer

so just as an example if I get statements 1, 2 and 5 incorrect that will take you back to video 3 if the conditions are met...

however I think there are a lot more combinations or maybe I'm over thinking it.