Broken Caption icon when resuming in SCORM 2004 4th Edition Publish

Nov 30, 2023

When playing inserted vide media with captioning:

  • When I run through the video the Captioning icons in the player play bar turns on with the slides timeline start without me doing anything.
  • If I exit SCORM and then "Resume" the player doesn't resume to the point where I left off
  • If I exit SCORM and then "Resume" the player doesn't have the captioning icon and starts at 0:00:00 of the video 
    • If I previous or next the slide then come back to the slide the captioning icon reappears in the player.

So I really have two problems. CC icon disappears on resume and the 2:45 minute video doesn't resume to where I left off.

Story Line 360 Build V3.74.30180.0

Is anyone else seeing this behaviour?

Case number 03986940

2 Replies
Jose Tansengco

Hello Daniel,

Good call on opening a support case! I can see that my colleague Johnrey is already working with you on the case. You're in good hands, and we'll continue the conversation over there!

In the mean time, if you wanted to try some troubleshooting steps on your end, you can always test how your course behaves in a different LMS to see if the issue is LMS specific. If your course works in SCORM Cloud, there's a high chance that the issue is being caused by a setting in your LMS.